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                 1st China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition (1st CIDPAE) joined held by Photography Museum of Lishui, Lishui Photography Website and Photo Alliance Website was  held at Photography Museum of Lishui, China on 15 January, 2011. The exhibition was last a month and over 50 thousand people including officers from government, professional and amateur photographers, students from art school, curators, journalists and other people have enjoied the exhibition. Lishui Newspaper and TV gave report of it.  

                 With the supported of photographers all over the world and the hard work of Juries, the 1st CIDPAE received 1253 works sent by 111 entrants from 24 countries all over the world and 114 works are accepted (Color section:74, B&W section: 40).   the 2nd CIDPAE is opened now, it get the patronage of PSA, that means the PSA medal winners could counted for the PSA star and Who's Who. The organizing committee invite all the photographers around the world to join the photography feast.



                     点此在新窗口浏览图片   Photography Museum of Lishui

                    点此在新窗口浏览图片      the preface

                      点此在新窗口浏览图片   the exhibition

                     点此在新窗口浏览图片 the exhibition

                     点此在新窗口浏览图片 the exhibition





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