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Closing date: August 25, 2012

Judging date: September 5-7, 2012

Exhibition: November 7, 2012

Exhibition Place: Lishui, China

Digital Catalogue, certificate mailed: November 1, 2012


Photography is the art of light;

Photography is the paradise of creation;

Photography is a language without border;

Photography is a bridge of soul.

Photography Museum of Lishui is a no-profit organization; it is the first professional photography museum in China which is supported by the government. It sponsored the China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition (CIDPAE) since 2010, and the 3rd CIDPAE will be held in 2012. We sincerely invite all photographic organizations, professional and amateur photographers and young photographers from all over the world to submit entries to attend it. The exhibition is recognized by the Electronic Imaging Division of PSA. The acceptance images by the exhibition could count for PSA Stars and PSA Who's Who.

All the information about the exhibition will be shown on the website: http://english.lsphoto.org.


1.  Rules

1)    Topics open.     (A) Color Section             (B) Monochrome Section

        (A) Color Section                           (B)  Monochrome Section

               Gold Medal       1   PSA 1               Gold Medal              1       PSA  1

               Silver Medal      3   PSA 1               Silver Medal             3       PSA  1

               Bronze Medal     5   PSA 1               Bronze Medal             5       PSA  1

               Excellent works   8  PSA Ribbon 3   Excellent works     8       PSA Ribbon 3


2) Entries   must   originate as   photographs   (image-captures   of   object   via   light   sensitivity)   made   by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies   the   work   as   his/her   own   and   permits   the   sponsors   to   reproduce   all   or   part   of   the   entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in   media related to the exhibition. This may include   low   resolution   posting   on   a   website.   The organizer assumes   no   liability of   any   misuse   of copyright.  Images   may   be   altered   by the   maker   and   artwork   or   computer   graphics   created   by the   entrant may be incorporated if the photographic content predominates.

3)  Image must be in JPG format. Maximum dimensions 1024 pixels horizontal and 768 pixels vertical. Resolution 300dpi.  Entries could be sent to the email of exhibition organizing committee: cidpae@yahoo.com.cn or post the CD/DVD with the digital files of entries to the exhibition organizing committee.

4) Color space: Use the sRGB color space for your image files to provide the best quality under the projection conditions used for judging the exhibition and producing the exhibition show.

5)  File names:  country +Author name + A1…or B1...

6)  Please fill in the entry form with the name of each photo and without leaving any blanks.

5)  Entry fee: one section 10 EUROS( 15USD), two sections 15 EUROS(20 USD) . PAYPAL account: cidpae@yahoo.com.cn , or post the cash to CIDPAE Organizing Committee, the post address is :

The3rd China International Digital Photographic Art Exhibition Organizing Committee

Room 514, Gate 4, Building 23, Jin Taili, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China, 100026

Tel: 86-13910111600

6)         The organizer reserves the right to use any accepted and awarded works in related publicity, exhibition etc., without payment in any form.

7)         All works will be handled with utmost care, but the organizer won’t be responsible for loss and/or ruin or any unexpected loss of the works in transport.

8)         It is understood that the author submitting his/her works to the exhibition accepts the rules mentioned above. The author will be responsible for the portrait right, copyright and fame concerned in his/her works. If bring any economy lost or reputation affection to the exhibition organization committee, all the responsibility also will be at the responsibility of the author.

9) The award results and digital catalogue will be sent by e-mail, so please include your e-mail address in the entry form.

10)  All those that violate the rules will not be judged.

11)  The results as judged by the jury are final; nobody has the right to change the decision of the jury.

2.  Jury

   Section A:

              1)Mr. Fu Weixin, China

     Director of Photography Museum of Lishui. Photo editor.

     2) Mrs. Jill Sneesby, South Africa




               4) Mr. Neil Warner (Ireland)  

              FBIPP, FMPA, FIPPA Cr, Master QEP - President & Commercial Director FEP

   Section B:

1)     Mr. Wang Peiquan, China.

President of CIDPAE, Director of China International Photographic Festival Organizing Committee.

2)     Mr. Cheng Changfu, China.

Photo Journalist

3)     Mr. Jan Jansen, Netherland

       AFIAP, Artiste FIAP ;BMK, Masterclass in the Netherlands;PSA *, Black and white;PSA ** , Black and white;EFIAP, Excellence FIAP;MFIAP, Master FIAP;LRPS, Royal Photographic Society;Knight in the Royal Orde of Oranje Nassau.


Other awards:


Judge’s Special Choice Award.

Each judge selects one print that he/she likes best according to his/her aesthetic conceptions. Prints showing the individuality and diversity are encouraged.


Other explanations:


1) Photographers who have won the Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals will receive the attractive printed catalogue. So please provide the available post address in the entry form.

2) Each entrant whose print(s) is/are accepted will receive the relevant certificate. All the entrants will receive an attractive digital catalogue.

3)  The 1st and 2nd  China International Digital Photographic Art Exhibition has published the printed catalogue, 15 EUOS(20 USD) per copy( including the post fee). Please inform us if you want it and we will post to you when we receive the fee.


The3rd China International Digital Photographic Art Exhibition Organizing Committee

Room 514, Gate 4, Building 23, Jin Taili, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China, 100026

E-mail: CIDPAE@yahoo.com.cn  







Post Code









                                                  (A) Color Section










(B) Monochrome Section









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