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  The first China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition Electric Catalogue

                           Photographer friends:

                           Please download the electric catatlogue 点此在新窗口浏览图片 附件下载 .


                          The opening ceremony will be held on 23 November, 2010 at Lishui City, Zhe jiang province. Anyone would like to attend the ceremony, please inform us throug the e-mail:   .

                           The organizing committee will provide the local accomodation, food and transfer for the gold, silver and bronze medal winners during their stay in Lishui city, the international travel fee will be in the cost of

                           their own. We also welcome all the other photographers come to attend the ceremony, while all the cost will be in their own responsibility.


                             We will show our sincerely appriciation to all of you for your great support to the exhibition and hope could get your always support.


                                        Organizing committee     

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