Nepal Siddhartha Art Gallery
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悉达多美术馆认为文化是促进社会发展的一个重要组成部分, 它竭力将艺术家、作家和音乐家等凝聚在一起,形成合力,在国内和国际上发挥艺术文化的重要作用。悉达多美术馆也将自身定位为一个有良知和具有社会责任感的美术馆。


The Nepal Siddhartha Art Gallery

Established by Sangeeta Thapa and internationally recognized artist, Shashikala Tiwari on September the 27th, 1987, the Siddhartha Art Gallery has been active in the promotion of contemporary Nepalese art and has strived to introduce international perspectives in art, to the Kathmandu community.

Over the last twenty four years the Gallery has organized more than 315 exhibitions.Some have been land mark events: the retrospective exhibitions by the late Amar Chitrakar, Shashi Shah and the lateTej Bahadur Chitrakar.

The Siddhartha Art Gallery believes that culture is an important component of development and co-ordinates special events that brings together artists, writers and musicians. The Gallery focuses on a myriad areas such as socio-cultural and political issues, as it believes that art can play a significant role in shaping national and international perceptions -The Siddhartha Art Gallery projects itself as a Gallery that has a conscience and is committed to social responsibility.

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