The Moscow House of Photography
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莫斯科摄影博物馆推出的国际项目,引进了一些国际知名摄影大师的作品,拉开了俄罗斯对外交流的序幕。 1996年,博物馆曾在莫斯科和俄罗斯其他地区共举办了200多场国外摄影师的展览,其中包括·阿杰、霍斯特、曼雷、亨利·布列松及其他摄影大师的作品。

The Moscow House of Photography

The Moscow House of Photography is the only Russian Museum. The House maintains a large collection of old and contemporary Russian photographic masterpieces and more than 70 thousand original prints and negatives. The Moscow House of Photography has chosen the strategy of festivals and broad scale projects. Hundreds of exhibitions held in the house's own premises and in major museums and exhibition centers of Moscow have formed a critical mass of a significant cultural event.

Due to the international projects of the Moscow House of Photography and demonstration of masterpieces of foreign photographers in Russia after decades of isolation beyond the iron curtain, has been steadily entering the international artistic context. Starting from 1996, thanks to efforts of the Moscow House of Photography more than 200 foreign projects have been exhibited both in Moscow and the Russian regions, the projects have included exhibitions of Eugene Atget, Horst P. Horst, Man Ray, Henri Cartier Bresson and others.

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