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Reflect the World with Photography and Record the Images in History

I always think that the camera is nothing but a tool; like the pen which can record the trivial details of daily life and write letters, official documents, fictions and poems etc., photography can do the same, and is more widely applied in almost all the fields. Indeed, photographers express more of their personal emotions, thoughts and feelings, and their unique perspectives of the world.

The universal access of digital cameras has promoted the society into an era of picture reading. The images could be seen everywhere and could help us understand the universe, nature, environment, society, folkways and public feelings, as well as people’s inner world. Due to the photography, different regions become close and all the ethnic groups turn out to be harmonious.

China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition is designed to facilitate the development of digital photography and build up a platform for the photography exchange in the world. I hope to see more excellent works from more countries, the works with individuality, the appearance and spirits of people from more different regions. I also hope to see the moment that often or seldom appear in our daily life, as well as ecological environment, fauna and flora, and all things presented by photography. As long as you make good use of your digital cameras, the judges will give you a satisfactory result.

Many thanks are hereby extended to all the participants in the First China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition, to the judges that work hard for this Exhibition, and to the working personnel and supporting organizations that contribute to this Exhibition. Let’s reflect the society with photography and record our images in history.

Mr. Wang Peiquan

   President of CIDPAE Organizing Committee

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